Friday, July 10, 2009

programme for stage one

simon j kelly & partners studio space
Monday 27th July
1630 Meet at offices of simon j kelly & partners.

1630-1800 Introduction to the workshop.
We would like everyone to submit one digital image to us by email, which we will compile into a powerpoint slideshow for this session, so that all workshoppers can have an input and give us an idea of their area of interest.

If anyone is arriving by train, the 1240 from Heuston arrives in Westport at 1620. The office is located directly across the road from the station.

2000 Meet at the Octagon.
After finding your bed for the night and some food, we'll meet for a walk of the town, so that you can get your bearings and think about where and what you might photograph.

2100 McGing's bar on High Street

Tuesday 28th July
Dawn to dusk. Each particpant works solely (or in groups) to capture the movement of light, people and time during a single day in the town. Dawn is around 0530 at the moment and dusk around 2200.

2230 Meet afterwards at McGings bar on High Street

Wednesday 29th July
1000 Meet at Nicola's cafe for breakfast and review.
Any missing information can be gathered before the 1310 train departure.

Its worth thinking in advance about the settings for image file size and quantity of images you might need to generate, so that you have adequate memory storage cards. Obviously if you are borrowing a camera, practice using the settings in advance so that you are fairly comfortable with manual depth of field, aperture, shutter speed settings etc.

Here's a link to a map of Westport with all the above locations pinpointed on it.