Thursday, July 30, 2009

stage one complete

Stage One of A Day in the Light took place in Westport, Co. Mayo on the 28th July 2009.  10 workshoppers gathered for an introductory session on Monday 27th.  Participants shared images they have found inspirational and discussed ways in which the light and movement of the town might be mapped through photography.  After a walking tour of the town the group established their hq at McGings bar.

Sunrise was at 5.25am and sunset at 9.46pm.  

True to the character of the west of Ireland, the weather and light altered rapidly and drastically during the day, from dry and bright to overcast and wet, ending with a fantastic show of sunlight in the late afternoon and evening.

Each workshopper arrived at a method of work, ranging from a single view repeatedly photographed through regular time intervals, to shifting views, to the stalking of people on their smoking breaks.  No ray of light or pool of shade was left unexplored.

The sight of 10 photographers patrolling the town over 17 consecutive hours gave rise to plenty of discussion and there is now huge interest in the outcome of the now what? project in the town.  It is confirmed that the results of the workshop will be exhibited in the Westport Arts Festival in October, as well as in Dublin and Cobh.

With hundreds (possibly thousands) of images gathered it remains to be seen in Stage Two how these recordings will be edited, overlaid and manipulated to produced 10 pieces of work reflecting one day in the light.

Each workshopper will post their favorite image on this blog over the coming week or two.