Thursday, August 6, 2009

programme for stage two

Monday 10th August
1000 Meet in Richview in the 2nd year crit room to discuss the aims and outcomes for stage two, technical resources/issues, exhibition format etc.

The workshop will have its base in the 2nd year crit room, but pc workstations will be available in the computer room on the 2nd year studio corridor.

CS3 is available in UCD.  Student login usernames and passwords are needed, so if you have one or know of some we can use for 3 days please bring them.

Please also bring any other software you may need and obviously all your files to work off.

Initial editing, cropping, stitching etc should be complete in advance of the workshop.

Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th August
0900-1800hrs in Richview.

Individual works should be complete and burned to disc by the end of Wednesday to enable work to be compiled for Cobh exhibtion.